Life Lessons – What is Sales and Why do We Hate it so Much

One thing that I believe is that we are all NOT born salespeople. Some of us are better at it, and some of us, INCLUDING ME, hate it. Loathe it. Makes me feel as cheap as a sleazy used car salesman. My old Internet buddy Brian J. Johnson said to me once “we’re salesman, after all” and I cringed. I just had a bad association with it. But making good money on the internet … Read More

Wisdom – Don’t Fight the Phase

I’ve got a term I internally coined and don’t really share, until now. “Don’t fight the Phase” All things in life are phasic. Everything you go through, is a phase. Best not to fight it. Like a wave, better to try and ride it. Learn its boundaries, don’t make it bigger (or smaller) than it is, and ride it until it’s over. Let it transform you. By all means, find the peace and positiveness … Read More

Wisdom – A Quote I Want to Live By

I read a quote from Mark Twain about 3 years ago, and it captures how I would like to learn to live. “I’ve have a horrible life, 99% of which never happened” How Samuel Clemens could encapsulate in one sentence the irony of our bad thoughts-ridden brains is a thing of wonder. He also said, “There is a release found in swearing, that is denied even to prayer”. I have to explain that quote … Read More

Life Lessons – Patience and Oreo Cookies

Hi Guys, Mark here! I was listening to National Public Radio yesterday and they have a new study out where they found a correlation between 4 year old kids and their ability to wait to eat a marshmallow, and their later success in life. Essentially, a large group of kids was tested give a Marshmallow and asked to wait as long as they could before eating it. Years later they located the kids again, … Read More

Life Lessons – Fear, Fear, Always Fear

There is a fearsome predator marketing. It preys on fear, and preys on our desire to learn and not to act. And that predator is: The ability of a marketers to confuse you into thinking that their product is the best, that what you are doing is wrong! I get emails from folks that say “I realize I was doing it wrong and abandoned what I was doing” because I saw so and so’s … Read More

Life Lessons – Niche Marketing is like French Bread

Hi Guys, Mark here! Building niche sites is a lot like French Bread. For years, the fantastic, traditional artisan made baguette was deteriorating due to being mass produced. The wonderful symbol of the french diet, with it profound craftsmanship was dying. There were even billboards around Paris saying EAT BREAD OR THERE WON’T BE ANY, meaning support your local bakery or it will go belly up. So guess what. THEY WERE ABLE TO MASS … Read More

Life Lessons – You Need a Friend to Give You Perspective.

Hi Guys, Mark here! I remember seeing “Silence of the Lambs” when Hannibal Lecter says to Jodi Foster “Read Marcus Aurelius, First rule — Simplicity! Ask of all things, what is it in itself? What is it’s nature?” I’ve had to do that lots of times in this business, and just yesterday I had a major problem with some sites I was working on. I could not see the problem, and called a friend … Read More

WordPress – What is WordPress Anyway?

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You know, I could not wrap my head around what wordpress was and why we should use if for several years. I got to this dashboard that you are in now, got totally befuddled, and ran back to Dreamweaver with all of it’s clunky and hair pulling out problems. WordPress is much easier, far far easier. If you are new to it you just need to understand a few things about how it works … Read More

WordPress – What is Theme?

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In the OLDEN days of the web, we had to hard code html for our pages, and if we wanted a website, we had to copy the look and feel of the site over and over so the pages looked consistent. Then we got various programs like Dreamweaver, Adobe Golive, etc that really allowed us to organize and template the sites we were building. But they were clunky, and it was hard to do … Read More

Blogging – Web Hospitality

Welcome! Do you know, what that word implies to me? WELCOME! It means, come in, be comfortable, find nourishment and company here. Find warmth, Hospitality and companionship. Be at home here. Why am I saying this? Because what  separates the good from the bad on the internet is CARE. “Web Hospitality” I’m not sure if that is an already coined word, but if not it’s copyrighted to me, Mark Singley 2010. I only found … Read More

Life Lessons – The Parable of the Fisherman

Hi Folks Mark here! The anecdote and parable I’m about to share is perhaps the most profound one I remember when I think about the freedom of earning a great living, or even getting wealthy online. I’ll let the parable explain itself. Basically, what are you trying to achieve. I first came across it in Tim Ferris’s “Four Hour Workweek” which I think has some great ideas and is a must read for anyone … Read More

Life Lessons – Taskcrastinating

“TASKCRASTINATING” I coined this term about 10 years ago. The process of allowing oneself to be drawn into tasks that seem important and are seemingly essential to something but in actuality are a way of stalling actually doing the work. It’s a form of distraction that feels productive. I’ve been there. You know what I do? I set the stove timer for 20 minutes and then force myself to do the things that I … Read More

Life Lessons – The Aggravation Cost Story

When I first got to New York, I had never really worked anywhere aside from college part time jobs. My wife at the time had gotten a job, and I was going with her to New York. Frightening to say the least, but I was going to do it. I was the country boy that wasn’t going to go to New York, or maybe anywhere for that matter (maybe Baltimore) because I didn’t like … Read More

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