Life Lessons – What is Mistake Number 1?

I want to talk about what has for me become Mistake NUMBER 1. If you are starting a web marketing or niche marketing course, you WILL make it. I’m 100% confident. I just want the time you endure it to be short. What is Internet Marketing Mistake number 1? DILUTION. The best part, and worst part of our work as emerging internet marketing is that we can get into literally any niche we want. … Read More

WordPress – What is WordPress Anyway?

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You know, I could not wrap my head around what wordpress was and why we should use if for several years. I got to this dashboard that you are in now, got totally befuddled, and ran back to Dreamweaver with all of it’s clunky and hair pulling out problems. WordPress is much easier, far far easier. If you are new to it you just need to understand a few things about how it works … Read More

Life Lessons – Taskcrastinating

“TASKCRASTINATING” I coined this term about 10 years ago. The process of allowing oneself to be drawn into tasks that seem important and are seemingly essential to something but in actuality are a way of stalling actually doing the work. It’s a form of distraction that feels productive. I’ve been there. You know what I do? I set the stove timer for 20 minutes and then force myself to do the things that I … Read More

Life Lessons – Niche Marketing is like French Bread

Hi Guys, Mark here! Building niche sites is a lot like French Bread. For years, the fantastic, traditional artisan made baguette was deteriorating due to being mass produced. The wonderful symbol of the french diet, with it profound craftsmanship was dying. There were even billboards around Paris saying EAT BREAD OR THERE WON’T BE ANY, meaning support your local bakery or it will go belly up. So guess what. THEY WERE ABLE TO MASS … Read More

Life Lessons – Critical Step – Find a Teacher

In my last lesson, I talked about how if you start something, and intend to be it, you are IT from the moment you begin. Even though you are it, recognize that you need to learn more. To Master the IT. What is the best way to Master this field? I learned this the hard way: Anything you are becoming cannot be learned from a book, you need a teacher. Why? Because with a … Read More

Life Lessons – Rome was Not Built in a Day

Hi Guys, Mark here! Indeed Rome was not built in a day, and guess what, they had a lot of free help in the form of slaves. There is no sin, and indeed everything to gain in considering farming out, outsourcing or just plain getting help in building good web properties. Personally, I hate to write. I really do unless it’s this stuff I write now. I have writers I use all over the … Read More

Life Lessons – The Aggravation Cost Story

When I first got to New York, I had never really worked anywhere aside from college part time jobs. My wife at the time had gotten a job, and I was going with her to New York. Frightening to say the least, but I was going to do it. I was the country boy that wasn’t going to go to New York, or maybe anywhere for that matter (maybe Baltimore) because I didn’t like … Read More

Life Lessons – What is Sales and Why do We Hate it so Much

One thing that I believe is that we are all NOT born salespeople. Some of us are better at it, and some of us, INCLUDING ME, hate it. Loathe it. Makes me feel as cheap as a sleazy used car salesman. My old Internet buddy Brian J. Johnson said to me once “we’re salesman, after all” and I cringed. I just had a bad association with it. But making good money on the internet … Read More

Wisdom – A Quote I Want to Live By

I read a quote from Mark Twain about 3 years ago, and it captures how I would like to learn to live. “I’ve have a horrible life, 99% of which never happened” How Samuel Clemens could encapsulate in one sentence the irony of our bad thoughts-ridden brains is a thing of wonder. He also said, “There is a release found in swearing, that is denied even to prayer”. I have to explain that quote … Read More

Wisdom – And Finally, Blogging

Blogging was meant to be a web log. Not a tweet, not a facebook post, but more of a “Dear Diary”. There to read, but not to be imposed on people like the tweet about being at Starbucks, then going to the bathroom, then getting your latte. I read a statistic that 90% of the tweets are generated by 10% of the users. Add Lindsey Lohan or whoever else to that, and you get … Read More

Blogging – It’s the Content, Ever the Content

Hi guys Well, sometimes in this world you come full circle. Content, Content, Content is King. If you are an old hand at Internet Marketing, Web Publishing or Blogging, you should know by now that content rules. And without fail I have seen one thing on the web. If Your Content is not Helpful for People, YOU WILL FAIL. I think a general rule of life is that if you aren’t helpful, you’ll fail. … Read More

Life Lessons – The Parable of the Fisherman

Hi Folks Mark here! The anecdote and parable I’m about to share is perhaps the most profound one I remember when I think about the freedom of earning a great living, or even getting wealthy online. I’ll let the parable explain itself. Basically, what are you trying to achieve. I first came across it in Tim Ferris’s “Four Hour Workweek” which I think has some great ideas and is a must read for anyone … Read More

Tips – Never Underestimate the Baby Wipe

My Mother swore by baby wipes. She never left home without them. She always counseled us to have them, and NEVER to buy the brand name because the generic were just as good. Like the fact that she carried instant coffee in a zip lock bag in her purse (because she could not understand how people didn’t have coffee, even instant around their houses, so she cheerfully brought her own). She never left the … Read More

WordPress – What is a WordPress Plugin?

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WordPress by itself is pretty wonderful, but you might want more bells and whistles. That’s where WordPress Plugins come in to play. It took me a long time to realize that if I wanted something I should check out plugins. Because if I need it, somebody else does too. Do you want a pretty image gallery to show up on your pages? There are plugins for that. Do you want to add adsense so … Read More

Wisdom – I’d Rather be Smart than Right

Hi Guys, Mark here! I’ve learned a valuable lesson, or insight that has occurred to me in the past 6 months: There are lots of people out there who will fight tooth and nail to be RIGHT. Even if they are wrong, reckless and just downright stupid. They have to be right at all costs. They wear me out. I fight to be Smart. Even if I appear wrong, or if I risk being … Read More

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